2-Week Reset

So 2023 is officially all go….

There really are no more excuses!

We understand January is… messy. Holidays and parties are still on the go, and kids are still not back to school. February usually brings some structure and routine back into place. This is why we decided to wait for February to do our RESET. Join our 2-Week Reset.

I’m hoping you have stopped by to read this because you have decided to jump on board and join us in our “2-Week Reset”. Honestly, you won’t regret it!


What does it look like:
  • 2 weeks of eating loads of beautiful whole foods while cutting out all the artificial, anti-inflammatory, and triggering foods
  • I can guarantee you will have more consistent energy, curb cravings, probably lose weight and reduce those gut symptoms


We want to make this doable for everyone, so we have a few options you can join us on:
  1. “Coffee Lovers” Group: Follow along with the meal plan but still include coffee
  2. “Ready For More” Group: Follow along with the meal plan, cut out caffeine, and take recommended supporting supplements
  3. “All In” Group: Follow along with the meal plan, cut out caffeine, and book a naturopathy consult to get personalised supplement recommendations and support


So which group are you?
Signing up for our “2 Week Reset” you will receive:

+ 2-Week Meal Plan

+ Shopping List

+ Continual support via social media. Follow us and receive daily tips and support.


Our “2-Week Reset” starts February 15th, so to set yourself up for success, it’s best to get started now.

1# Use up all the packaged food in the house. Not in the house = not a temptation

2# Start making the healthy switches

3# Start reducing sugar and caffeine, so it’s not such a shock to the system


So last but not least, YOU’VE GOT THIS! I’ll be walking you through the whole thing.




Love Alissa ❤



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