About GutAid




Hi! We are Alissa and Kristyn, two sisters who have a passion for helping people and seeing people thrive. We are all about family, fun and generally just living life to the full! Oh, wait did we mention food, food glorious food, eating, enjoying, making and discovering amazing food along the way.

We have a common philosophy that good gut health and nutrition is a corner stone of health.

We believe that although very common, poor gut health and consequent symptoms are indicators that something is not right, this is not something to ignore or learn to cope with but something to be paid attention to and fix.

Our aim is to help others to take notice, understand and take charge of fixing their gut. Through education, tools, nutritional advice, recipes and supplement recommendations we hope to empower those around us to heal their guts and in turn influence the rest of their health and wellbeing.

We are a family with a common focus, get your gut right so it doesn’t get in the way of living. This means we’re not about a long list of things you can’t do, we’re about figuring out what’s important to you so you can overcome whatever stands in your way. We drink coffee, eat meat and enjoy more than the occasional cinnamon scroll!

Gut Health


The Naturopath

Having never suffered from significant gut problems before, I had never really given much thought to gut health. During my studies to become a Naturopath, it was constantly talked about and I started to get a fascination for gut health and see the utmost importance for a healthy gut. Even for myself who had “no gut issues”, I started to notice things I hadn’t before. I noticed my skin breaking out when I ate more sugar, the bloating after pasta, the lethargy when my nutrition was lacking and so on.

After graduating as a Naturopath, I was constantly in contact with people chatting about health whether it be mental health, pregnancy, tiredness or many chronic diseases. I noticed that everyone had gut related symptoms, but many just thought that was a part of life. I started to realise I was unable to help these people with their health, without starting with their gut. My eyes were opened to the health of one’s gut being the foundation for their health.

As my passion grew, it became contagious to those around me, I wanted to help everyone. My sister Kristyn, my fellow traveller and foodie caught the bug. After struggling with gut issues since her teenage years we were adamant to fix her gut and as kids came along, we were just as passionate to see her kids be setup with a good foundation and address any gut issues that came along.


The Problem Child

Since age 16 I’ve battled gut issues, and after a very long journey of trying so many different things I can finally say in my thirties that I live a life of little to no issues. In everyday life I find myself having so many conversations with people about their gut issues, yes this is fun for me, and I’m constantly amazed at how many people battle in this area and have no idea what to do about it.

When my beautiful Arabella arrived, I had no idea that I was going to have to go on a very long and challenging gut journey with her. Anyone relate to trying to help a fussy toddler navigate the world of food?

So, I’m a mum that used to have gut issues, with a daughter that is on the journey to sorting her gut issues and oh did I mention my husband who was/is (can’t decide) lactose intolerant with his own set of issues! I’m living in this world every day and trying to balance all the factors whilst living the most incredible life ever.

I’m forever saying to my sister, it has to be straightforward and doable otherwise it’s not going to happen. So, lean in for what has worked for us and how to live a life not dominated by your gut.