Enjoying This Festive Season

Itโ€™s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„

And Christmas can be a difficult time to eat well. Enjoying yourself shouldnโ€™t mean undoing all the positive changes youโ€™ve made throughout the year.

Enjoying This Festive Season


Itโ€™s not about depriving yourself of all the fun stuff,

itโ€™s aboutย keeping the good practices in place while celebrating.ย 


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Top Tips to Keep in Place:
  1. Keep Active. Go for a morning walk before others wake, an evening stroll with the family, or a cricket game with others.ย 
  2. Hydrate: Oftentimes, it’s easy to overdrink alcohol and sugary drinks around Christmas. Make sure you have tasty, hydrating drinks on offer. Try coconut water, fruit in water, or homemade iced tea.ย 
  3. Snack Well: We are often standing around eating and snacking before the main event. Make sure there are cut-up fruit and vegetables with dip and fruit platters for snacking.
  4. Don’t Feel Obliged to Eat Everything on Offer: Be polite, but assertive. If you want to try many things, cut them into smaller pieces and opt for a little taste.ย 
  5. Avoid the โ€˜Hangryโ€™: Don’t go to parties on an empty stomach, chances are you will eat later than expected and be so hangry youโ€™ll smash the snacks and overeat.
  6. Step Away From the Food: Choose a seat or stand away from the food table. Go socialise away so you are too distracted to continuously eat.
  7. Fill Up on the Good Fuel: Fill up on nutrient-dense foods and protein. Vegetable sticks: add hummus and sauerkraut, breakfast: have eggs and avocado, bulk up on salad and fruit salad.ย 
  8. Be Prepared: Chances are, yes, you will overeat and usually feel bloated and overfull. Digestive enzymes may help to avoid the discomfort and digestive symptoms that are sure to come with a sudden change in diet.ย 
  9. And Finally, Cut The Guilt: Christmas is just one day, and between Christmas and New Year is one week. It matters more what you do the other 51 weeks of the year. Let go of perfectionism, have fun, and enjoy the season.


Christmas is more about the people than the gifts

andย more about the fellowship than perfectionism and dieting.ย 

So relax and enjoy the season with those special to you.ย 


AND don’t forget to BE THANKFUL!


In our family, we have a tradition of the โ€œThankfulness Rockโ€. Pass around a rock and everyone takes a turn saying what they were most thankful for that year.ย 

Wishing you an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year from our families to yours.
Love Alissa & Kristyn โค




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