New Year, New Rhythms

One of my close friends always has a “word” for the new year. It might be health, diligence, rest, relationships, or intention. 


So what is your word for 2022? What is your focus? 

I think mine is going to be “Reset”. Towards the end of 2021 I did a comprehensive hormone and adrenal test that showed that a few things were out of whack, especially my stress hormones. Eeek! Although health is always a priority of mine, my lifestyle was not conducive to putting it as a major priority. Working full time (shift work, broken sleep, big hours, food supplied) plus GutAid on the side, a FIFO partner that lived over an hour away when he was home, plus all the other demands of life and the “unprecedented year” we had. I didn’t even realise it but I was overstretched. So I quit my full time job to focus on my passion, moved much closer to my partner and started to restructure a few things.

So again I ask you, what’s your word for 2022? 



Whatever your word may be, here are a few areas that are good to “refocus” and “reset” at the start of the year.


Upping the nutrients

 It’s not always about your cutting out, often it is more about what you’re putting in.

  • Get a health check-up with the doctor and ask for full bloods to check deficiencies etc. I always like to know where my iron, B12, Vitamin D and thyroid are sitting.
  • Focus on diversity and increasing nutrient dense Foods in your diet with fresh fruit and vegetables, bone broths, and good fats etc.  



Is your digestion feeling sluggish and do you have digestive symptoms such as cramps, bloating and gas that have become the ‘normal’? Are your bowel habits out of sync? Are you having big dips of energy throughout the day?

  • Look at taking a digestive enzyme formula to support digestion and absorption of nutrients, plus take the stress off the body and allow it to reset and heal, whilst working at cleaning up your diet.


Cravings and addictions

Has your eating and cravings got a little out of control over the Christmas season? Are you reaching for the chocolate after each meal? Are you relying on multiple coffees to get through the day?

  • Doing a 2 week reset by cutting refined/added sugar, gluten and caffeine can be a great way to start fresh and cut the cravings and addictions.


Checkout our download for a basic plan on how to do this.




How is your sleep? Did you know your most restorative sleep is before midnight. Try to get to sleep earlier and waking up early is good for the body. 

  • Try going to sleep slightly earlier each night to re-adjust your sleep schedule. Aim to eventually go to sleep around 10pm each night at the latest.  
  • Work on your evening routine to support sleep by having no tech for 2 hrs before bed, no caffeine after 3pm, and daily exercise.
  • Still struggling? Try a good magnesium supplement, as this can really help.



As we have talked about many times before, stress affects every part of your body including your gut, immune system and energy. What do you need to implement this year to reduce your stress? Where are you most at peace and find it easiest to breathe. For me, mine is the beach and walks in nature, so these are in my calendar regularly. 

  • Magnesium is the nutrient that “chills us out” physically and emotionally. Problem is, it is especially deficient in our soils and is also something we chew through at a rapid rate due to physical and emotional stress. So once again having a magnesium supplement for times of stress and when feeling uptight is a great idea.
  • Try implementing a “tech free” block of time every day, then aim for a bigger block each week.



Are you moving daily? Is the type of exercise still working for you? A few years ago I realised that I was in a stressful season and hitting the gym for hard workouts was stressing me more. This is when I picked up yoga and Pilates. So now I enjoy some HIIT style workouts, with some runs, yoga/Pilates and plenty of walking. This works well for me.

  • Find what works for you and what you enjoy. You could download the app MindBody and try all different types of discounted classes to find what you enjoy.  



Doing life in community is so important. Who are your people? Where is your tribe? Identify them and intentionally nourish those friendships. Often we are so busy keeping up with too many people or holding onto friendships that were only meant to last a season, that we don’t have time for the important ones. 

  • Write a list of the relationships around you that you want to be intentional with this year.
  • Identify what people you are 1) putting into, 2) are in a mutual relationship and 3) are putting into you. You need all 3 kinds of relationships in your life, but it’s important to know the difference so that you don’t have unfair expectations on relationships.  



We hope you are having a great start to 2022!!
Love Alissa & Kristyn ❤



**Always read the label. Follow the Directions for Use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. This medicine may not be right for you. Read the warnings before purchase.**