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healthy gut when travelling

Maintaining a Healthy Gut While Travelling

Oh how I love travelling!   I probably didn’t truly realise how much of a hobby and love this was until COVID-19 left me grounded. Now the world is starting to open up again, it’s time to talk about our gut while travelling. As a

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gut and the skin

Check The Gut PART 3….Skin

Gut Health and Skin… Glowing from the Inside Out   Gut Health and Skin, What’s the Link? Gut health and skin are closely connected. The appearance of our skin is strongly influenced by a number of factors, most typically our genetics, hormones, medical history, liver,

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ARTICLE June Check The Gut PART 1...Iron

Check The Gut PART 2….Iron Deficiency

    Healthy gut function and iron deficiency go hand in hand. Are you iron deficient, taking supplements but seeing no improvements? Maybe you need to check your gut.   Finding where the problem lies….   Is it coming in? A common cause of iron

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gut health and sleep

Check The Gut PART 1….Sleep

Gut Health and Sleep. Research has shown that people suffering from poor sleep have poor gut health, and poor gut health influences our sleep. So basically, poor sleep is a product of and a cause of poor gut health.    Factors Influencing Sleep   Disrupted

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dairy and lactose intolerance

Dairy and Lactose Intolerances

Dairy and lactose intolerance.   As a naturopath I often see people who tell me they are lactose intolerant, only to heal their gut, choose good foods and they are good to go again! So for the love of dairy, let’s get educated 😉  

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Forgotten Hero…Fibre

Let’s talk fibre, this poor bloke has been abused and forgotten with the modern diet, and we are paying the consequences for that!   So what is fibre? Fibre is part of the makeup of a plant, and every plant has fibre. There are tons

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Checking Your Child’s “Report Card”

Your child’s poo is like a daily report card telling you how their health is going. Are they drinking enough? Do they have food allergies?  So, first look at what it should look like? Overall Result: A+ (Type 3 or 4)  This guy comes out

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New Year, New Rhythms

One of my close friends always has a “word” for the new year. It might be health, diligence, rest, relationships, or intention.    So what is your word for 2022? What is your focus?  I think mine is going to be “Reset”. Towards the end

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Enjoying This Festive Season

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas 🎅🎄 And Christmas can be a difficult time to eat well. Enjoying yourself shouldn’t mean undoing all the positive changes you’ve made throughout the year.   It’s not about depriving yourself of all the fun stuff, it’s

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Arming Your Immune System

Arming Your Immune System Your immune system is your body’s front line defence. It’s like having your own private army constantly protecting, identifying and mounting a defence to destroy unfamiliar pathogens, then promoting repair in the body. Most of the time we are not even

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Forgotten Hero…Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes are often the forgotten heroes when people talk about gut health. Here at GutAid we want to shine the light back on them, exposing the massive impact and role they play in gut health. But first let’s spend some time diving in to

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Influencers…..Stress and the Gut Brain Connection

In the past, mental health issues have been treated by focusing on the brain (more specifically the neurotransmitters). Although it has been beneficial for some, there are many of whom it just simply did not work. Leaving them feeling even more helpless. Thankfully in more

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You can eat all the healthy food you want and consume all the supplements given but if your lifestyle is out of whack then your health will still be disordered.  As we have spoken about before, health is holistic. There are so many internal and

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When to take supplements?


When and how to use specific supplements to enhance/treat gut issues   My whole philosophy is… Start with food, if needed then supplement.  Food is incredible, it has the power to cause damage and dis-order or it has the power to protect and to heal.

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