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allergies and the gut

Allergies and Gut Health

Allergies and Gut Health: Strategies for Alleviation and Support As the beauty of spring unfolds, so does the onset of seasonal allergies for many individuals. While the physical symptoms of allergies are widely known, their impact on mental health, and gut health is often overlooked.

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support-childrens-digestion-with nutrition

Support Children’s Digestion with Nutrition

Creating a Gut-Healthy Home We all want to know how to support children’s digestion, and a simple way to do that is with nutrition. As we know, a healthy digestive system is vital for children’s overall well-being, immunity, nutrient absorption, behaviours, and overall growth. Parents

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winter immunity

Winter Immunity

As I write this article, it’s raining outside, and the fire is on. Are you dreading winter coming already?? For many, winter looks like endless washing that struggles to dry, frizzy hair, soggy socks, and running noses. Kids are at daycare, and it can feel

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Gut Health...When it's a Big Deal

Gut Health – When it’s a Big Deal

Gut problems can cause several issues in the body, don’t wait to act until it’s a big deal! In my naturopathy practice, I have been seeing quite a few kids lately with chronic constipation, on daily laxatives, being told it’s normal, and waiting on lengthy

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2-Week Reset

So 2023 is officially all go…. There really are no more excuses! We understand January is… messy. Holidays and parties are still on the go, and kids are still not back to school. February usually brings some structure and routine back into place. This is

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healthy foundations for 2023

Healthy Foundations for 2023

Can you believe it’s 2023? For many of us, last year was huge and at times felt like we were just holding on to dear life. But we made it! And sometimes we just have to celebrate that we made it through. So take a

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looking after yourself this christmas

Looking After Yourself This Christmas

Can you believe it’s Christmas time again? I don’t know about you, but 2022 absolutely flew by. What words come to mind when you think of Christmas? Is it family, sunshine, good food, or laughter?  Or is it more stress, busyness, awkward family dynamics, or

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Gut Health in Pregnancy

Gut Health in Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant, the body goes through a myriad of changes to support the growth and birth of the baby.    For example: The immune system is suppressed: which is needed to house the baby in the womb Hormones increase: for the baby

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gut health and hormones

Gut Health and Hormones

The guts impact on hormones   I think we all know about unbalanced hormones, from PMS to acne, irregular periods, pain, lethargy, moods, and so much more. Am I right, ladies? Did you know that our gut health plays a key role in keeping our

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shift work and the gut

Shift Work and the Gut

Are you a night shift worker or live with someone who is?   Shift workers are a huge part of our society, whether it be our health care professionals, emergency workers, airline workers, or 24-hour fuel attendants. We all know the night shift has a

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healthy gut when travelling

Maintaining a Healthy Gut While Travelling

Oh, how I love travelling!   I probably didn’t truly realise how much of a hobby and love this was until COVID left me grounded. Now that the world is starting to open up again, it’s time to talk about our guts while travelling. As

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gut and the skin

Check The Gut PART 3….Skin

Gut Health and Skin… Glowing from the Inside Out   Gut Health and Skin, What’s the Link? Gut health and skin are closely connected. The appearance of our skin is strongly influenced by a number of factors, most typically our genetics, hormones, medical history, liver,

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ARTICLE June Check The Gut PART 1...Iron

Check The Gut PART 2….Iron Deficiency

    Healthy gut function and iron deficiency go hand in hand. Are you iron deficient? Are you taking supplements but seeing no improvements? Maybe you need to check your gut.   Finding where the problem lies….   Is it coming in? A common cause

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gut health and sleep

Check The Gut PART 1….Sleep

Gut health and sleep. Research has shown that people suffering from poor sleep have poor gut health, and poor gut health influences our sleep. So basically, poor sleep is a product of and a cause of poor gut health.    Factors Influencing Sleep   Disrupted

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dairy and lactose intolerance

Dairy and Lactose Intolerances

Dairy and lactose intolerance.   As a naturopath, I often see people who tell me they are lactose intolerant, only to heal their gut, choose good foods, and be good to go again! So for the love of dairy, let’s get educated 😉   What

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