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Support Children’s Digestion with Nutrition

Creating a Gut-Healthy Home

We all want to know how to support children’s digestion, and a simple way to do that is with nutrition. As we know, a healthy digestive system is vital for children’s overall well-being, immunity, nutrient absorption, behaviours, and overall growth. Parents play a crucial role in creating a gut-healthy home environment that supports our children’s digestion. Let’s explore nutritional tips and habits that can promote optimal gut health in children to help you create a gut-healthy haven for your little ones.

Nutritional Foundations for Gut Health

The greatest diet you can give your children is one that is diverse and predominantly whole-food-based. Oftentimes, we overcomplicate basic nutrition by going paleo, vegetarian, or just trying to use all these fancy “superfoods”. This can be detrimental to our kids’ beliefs around foods, like thinking foods are “good or bad” or valuing one vegetable over another.

There are a few basic concepts here that are so important to grasp:

  1. The greater diversity of foods = the greater diversity of nutrients and fibres to feed the good bugs
  2. Predominantly whole foods = real food, that grows on the land (not in a lab) and is easy for our bodies to identify, digest, and absorb. Foods made in a lab that are artificial are very complicated for our bodies to digest and absorb. So stick mostly to whole, real foods such as fruits, vegetables, and meat and leave the others as treats or occasional foods

A few more specific diet tips:

Boosting Probiotics

Probiotics are good bugs; the more good bugs, the more they overpower the bad bugs. Trying to be intentional about probiotic-rich foods can be super helpful.

The easiest way? Yoghurt—plain old Greek yoghurt is the best—then add toppings as desired. If you have read some of my previous articles or social media posts, you will know my obsession with stewed apples for gut health. Add stewed apples, berries, real peanut butter, honey, granola, and so many other add-ons to make the perfect snack.

The Role of Fibre in Digestion

Oh, fibre! Such an understated thing. A diet rich in fibre-rich foods for kids helps to support regular bowel movements, prevent constipation, and foster a diverse gut microbiome. Gut health is key to promoting healthy digestion with fiber.

Ways to boost fibre: diversity?

  • Eat a diversity of fruits and vegetables
  • Eat both cooked and raw
  • Add in extras; for example, in mashed potatoes, add half cauliflower. Then the kids will never know!


Minimising Processed Foods and Sugar

Studies have shown a link between processed foods, gut inflammation, and digestive discomfort.

The more sugar your child eats, the more they will crave. When their bodies are so used to artificial sugars, fruit no longer tastes sweet. The good thing is that it re-adjusts! So start lowering the sugar, and they will complain for a little while, but then they will reunite with their love of the sweetness of the fruit. Start supporting children’s digestion through nutrition.

Another tip:

Read ingredients: one of the easiest ways to reduce processed foods and added sugar is to read ingredients. It’s amazing how much unnecessary rubbish is in products that you can avoid by choosing a different brand.


By implementing these lifestyle tips and habits, you can support children’s digestion with nutrition and create a nurturing and gut-healthy home environment for your children. Prioritising their nutrition will support their digestion, overall well-being, and long-term health. Remember, small changes can make a big difference when it comes to promoting a thriving gut for little ones.


Love Alissa ❤



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